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Other Auctions

Kim Olson, an Estate Representative, shows her gratitude immediately following a recent successful estate auction.

Our experience working in the real estate foreclosure market provides us with a base to offer the same cost-effective win-win solutions to clients for a variety of auctions including:

  • Owner Auctions
  • Estate Real Estate Auctions
  • Condominium Lien Foreclosures
  • Commissioners Auctions
  • Receivers Auctions
  • Bankruptcy Auctions
  • Intellectual Property Auctions
  • State Auctions
  • Government Agency Auction

Clients needing knowledgeable, trusted, and reliable resources with a reputation for top-notch professionalism come to Sullivan & Sullivan Auctioneers for their Real Estate Auction needs.

For references on recent auctions please Contact Our Office!


Take their word for it

Recently my dad passed away and I was left handling his estate which included the selling of his home.  This was a very emotional time for me so I needed a process that would be quick but would assure me that I would be able to get the best possible value for its worth.  I met with Marianne Sullivan and Betty Quinn from Sullivan & Sullivan Auctioneers to discuss the process and fees associated with a Real Estate Auction. Not only were they professional and communicative, they understood my needs and concerns in the most empathetic manner.  They were committed to making the process as seamless for me as possible by providing excellent marketing, welcoming open houses, and staying connected with me through every step off this journey. I was able to sell my dad’s house and close within 30 days. This is when I knew I made the right decision in putting my trust in their business and expertise. They truly exceeded all my expectations! Thank you Sullivan & Sullivan Auctioneers for helping me to gain closure of my dad’s passing.

Kim Olson
Estate Representative

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